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If your business is a profitable going concern, we have buyers who are looking for companies like yours.

More than simply setting a price tag, Company Valuations work to determine the economic and market value of the business— highlighting the key value drivers and opportunities to enhance worth and increase value. A properly constructed assessment of value report should assist you in making improvements to your company.

With this professional analysis, effort can be focused on the primary factors that influence the value of your business. It is also important that the determination of value be approached with the specific purpose of understanding true market value, the “Most Probable Selling Price”.

Learn more by downloading our whitepaper on Elements of a Successful Deal by Ian Houghton.

On average the whole process may take nine months. It may be quicker with businesses priced aggressively in high demand industry sectors, or it may take longer if your business has a limited pool of buyers or is located in a geographically undesirable location.

No, there is no comparison. A business sale contains many complexities that need to be managed and understood. Engaging a qualified advisor who understands the financial, legal, operational, and numerous other dynamics within a business is critical to a successful sale.

There is no such thing as a ‘normal’ transaction multiple. If you wish to learn what you may yield from a business sale, you require an appropriate valuation.

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