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Passive M&A Program

This is a no-fee program and passive in nature exposing potential business opportunities that may be of interest to strategic, synergistic, industry, or financial interest acquiring parties with no specific required time line. If you are an M&A buyer, please discuss your required criteria and desired options with your Pacific M&A Advisor and whether you wish to be exposed only to lower middle market opportunities in a specific criteria range including EBITDA, industry, geographic platform, and/or add-ons etc.

Proactive M&A Program

Subject to the specific judgement of the M&A Advisor, this may be a fee-based program and is not limited to passive matches.

Under the pro-active program, the Pacific M&A Advisor takes the time to determine in great detail the specifics of your strategic, synergistic, or financial criteria, succinctly articulates it, and develops a specific target list of companies whose characteristics may potentially match your criteria and are not listed for sale. The M&A Advisor will then solicit the targets to determine their desire to potentially sell and the possibility of a criteria match.

In addition, using their proprietary Client Relations Management system, they will create a confidential mass mail broadcast to expose the specifics of your criteria to thousands in their internal contact pool and that of their affiliates as one never knows where the opportunity may be directed from.

This program is laser focused in its search quality for acquisition targets. Pacific’s pro-active program searches locally, regionally, nationally, or globally based on your geographical criteria of companies who are not actively engaged in the M&A marketplace, and in turn, opening doors to unique and valuable opportunities that are effective in both criteria match and accuracy, whilst minimizing the time it takes to find the right business to acquire. This applies to both platform add-on opportunities.

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