M&A Services

We provide Sell-Side Divestiture, Merger
and Acquisition Advisory Services

to clients in the lower middle market.

Our Focus is on serving companies both nationally and internationally with a $2M to
$100M or more in annual revenue and EBITDA in excess of $1M

Pacific Mergers and Acquisitions Inc. will facilitate transactions where two or more companies are merged into one, possibly capitalizing on synergies, strategic objectives, and more.

The result is to create value as a result of synergies between the companies being merged, where economies of scale or economies of scope can be effectively utilized.

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A divestiture is the partial or full disposal of a company through sale, exchange, closure, or bankruptcy. In essence, and most often, a divestiture is the sale of a company and the mainstay of Pacific Mergers and Acquisitions’ business and our core competency.

If you are thinking of divesting now or in the future, a free consultation with a professional at Pacific will go a long way in preparation of a successful Divestiture.

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Whether you’re preparing to sell your business, plan your exit, attract investors, or make more informed strategic decisions, conducting a company valuation is the ideal place to start.

Pacific M&A’s expert valuation services will highlight the economic and market value by determining a “MPSP” – Most Probable Selling Price. This comprehensive process underscores the key value drivers, providing owners with clear insights into which factors need focus to enhance and maximize the value of their strategic transaction. Let Pacific M&A guide you through the intricacies of valuation, ensuring you make informed decisions to achieve optimal outcomes.

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