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Whether you’re looking to reduce debt, stabilize cash flow, or facilitate growth, our team of seasoned M&A advisors is here to guide you through the recapitalization process with precision and care. Contact Pacific Mergers and Acquisitions today to learn how we can help you achieve a balanced and robust capital structure, ensuring your business’s continued success and resilience.

In its simplest form, “Recapitalization” is a financial restructuring strategy that involves altering a company’s capital structure.

Recapitalization may include:

+Altering the mix of debt and equity in a company’s balance sheet

+Selling a portion of the stock/shares in order to remove some chips off the table while remaining involved in the growth of the company, and with the ability to sell the balance at a later stage, for a higher per share value than the first divestiture,

+The issuance of new debt or equity or a restructure thereof

+Buying back existing stock

+Refinancing existing loans to improve the financial structure of the company.

The goal of recapitalization can be to simply take some chips off the table by selling a minority or majority equity, and remove or reduce one’s day to day involvement. It can also be to enhance financial stability,  reduce interest costs, or increase shareholder value as well as possibly other financial objectives.

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The attention to detail provided by Pacific Mergers & Acquisitions is very impressive and the work ethic is nothing short of excellent. Truly a professional organization. We have personally experienced over a decade of perseverance to our business goals and unwavering dedication to solving any issues that came our way. Sigma 5 in my books.

- F.X.

Pacific have played a pivotal role in our lives this past year, skillfully navigating us through to successful completion of the sale of our business. It has been such a pleasure and privilege to work with you and we are deeply grateful for all your support.

- V.W.

This team is the true definition of integrity. I have never experienced such professionalism and knowledge in the sale of my business. The kindness, care and attention that went into the deal made me feel I had hired the right team. The organization and updates every step of the way put my mind at ease. The care throughout made the sale of our business smooth on my husband and myself so we could focus on running the business and focus on our lives. We are so grateful to the team at Pacific M&A. I couldn’t imagine doing this on our own! Thank you!

- C.T.

From listing, to site visits, to an offer, to an acceptance, to waivers, to closing – it took only 3 months! We never, ever, would have thought this was possible. This note is just to acknowledge the comprehension, courtesy and professionalism throughout the whole process. It was very reassuring to know that you were at our side every step of the way – any time of the day/night – and any day of the week. We realize that we are not one of your larger accounts – but at no time did we ever feel that we were treated with any less respect.

- D.M.

Thanks for everything that you’ve done to make this deal go through. It’s not the easiest deal to close, I’m sure, but your patience and professionalism in handling the whole process has made it a lot easier for all the parties involved. Without your assistance, I am sure this deal would not have closed and we would still be selling the business (and the Buyers will shopping for one). Thanks again – and Congratulations to you too – for making the almost impossible possible!

- A & K

Thank you for all the hard work in putting this deal together. It was great working with you. I will not hesitate to recommend you to represent any friends or acquaintances looking to sell their company here in Kamloops or elsewhere. I have learned a lot from this process and thank you for being patient during my learning.

- J.I.

We recently had Pacific Business Brokers sell one of our businesses. From step one, they give you a feeling of absolute confidence that you have the best company on the job selling your business. Very professional and great communication with their clients. Our business sold in less than 6 months for full price. They stayed with us every step of the way making it a surprisingly stressless event. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone thinking of taking the plunge and selling their business.

- D.S.

I used their business and they sold my business within 2-3 weeks. Good people, they have lots of buyers – good buyers. I referred my friend and they sold their business as well. They tried to sell it themselves in a year, and Pacific sold it within 2 months.

- G.

The team at Pacific really helped my business partner and I out by providing their valuation services at a pivotal point with our business. They hit the promised timelines and communicated well throughout the process. upon presentation, they recommended we hold the business for a couple more years prior to selling and even gave us ways to improve the value in that time. Would highly recommend.

- C.K.

Pacific M&A are the most professional group of individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with. They helped me navigate the successful sale of my business, which included an extensive CIM. The Pacific M&A team were there from the beginning to the end and beyond so that I was assured that all my concerns were met. I would not hesitate to recommend Pacific M&A.

- D.J.

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