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Are you thinking about selling your company?

Maximize the value of your business with Pacific Mergers and Acquisitions Inc. In its pool of buyers, Pacific has over a thousand private equity groups looking for specific transactions that might be strategic, synergistic, or financial in nature, additionally they have several dozen industry specific buyers at any point in time and thousands of general buyers and contacts looking to purchase good businesses across multiple sectors.

Whether it is an immediate sale, or something you are considering over the next number of years, it is never too early to lay the foundations of your exit strategy. A time planned and considered approach will maximize the value and saleability of your business.

The M&A process is not a “one size fits all” process. The work within each stage and the amount of work and time required for each stage of the process may vary substantially together within the level of involvement advisor such as a lawyer, accountant, etc., dependant on the stage and structure of each deal. Further, the process will vary based upon whether the sale process undertaken is structured as a one to one sale or an auction.

At Pacific, they ensure that all their efforts are intrinsically focused on helping the clients achieve their goals and will structure the sale process that best meets your business and goals.

5 Stage M&A Auction Process Defined vs. a Negotiated Sale

Negotiated Process:

In a negotiated process, Pacific proactively and passively solicit potential buyers from various categories such as industry, synergistic, strategic, financial etc. and directly negotiate a deal that is acceptable to you and under your terms and conditions. This process is typical best suited for smaller companies with transactional values under ten million. Please note that a negotiated process will also have competitive and or auction elements.

Controlled Auction Process:

Designed specifically for companies with transactional values in excess of ten million, in this controlled auction process we use a carefully sequenced and monitored process involving a selected group of target buyers from specific categories (Financial, Strategic, Synergistic or industry). The goal here is to attract specific multiple buyer targets in order to create a competitive environment and realize the best possible price for your company and with the most favourable transaction terms. Pacific’s obvious success is rooted in their solid experience and proven performance and where in each and every case, they begin by listening to their clients’ needs and goals and follow by delivering a highly personal and professional service that results in long-term client relationship.

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