Kent Carter

M&A Advisor • CBI

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Kent Carter is a third-generation entrepreneur who, in addition to investing in and running his own family businesses, has held senior executive roles in enterprises ranging from start-ups to publicly listed companies. He has a broad background in operations, management, corporate investment, capital raising, and M&A.

Raised in Vancouver, Kent attended UBC where he graduated with a degree in engineering. After starting his career in consulting in Vancouver, he moved to Australia, where he continued his studies in economics and finance. This led to a number of new opportunities and international postings. He was based in Asia for more than 25 years, where he held positions including Senior VP M&A for the China division of a NYSE-listed utility company, Managing Director of an investment firm under the sovereign wealth fund of Malaysia, and senior advisor to a boutique investment bank in Singapore.

Kent has extensive experience in the structuring, analysis, valuation, due diligence, and negotiation of business acquisition / divestment transactions, having assessed hundreds as such opportunities and closed deals totaling more than $200 million in value.
As an entrepreneur, Kent has started up and acted as principal investor in three businesses of his own in the F&B, online / offline retail, and corporate advisory spaces. He has also served on the boards of numerous companies.

With Pacific Mergers and Acquisitions Inc., Kent’s mission is to help buyers and sellers of businesses achieve their goals in what can be the most important, exciting but sometimes stressful financial decision they may make in their life. Having been through it himself numerous times, he brings understanding, practical insights, and a focus on solving problems, bridging gaps, and getting results.