COVID-19: A Message From The President

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We sympathize with all that have been negatively impacted and want to be there to help in any way we can.

Together, as we navigate the current pandemic caused by COVID-19, we want to assure you, that as we are deemed an essential service, we will continue to be here, and ready to support and serve you, while at the same time practicing social distancing, and ensuring the health and safety of our team and clients is maintained by promoting and enforcing proactive preventative measures.

While many of our brokers are operating from their home office, our office remains open but with shortened hours from 10:00AM to 4:00PM (Monday to Friday).

As long time users of cloud technology, all of our people have full access to all of our respective files, data, and tools virtually through the cloud, and all phone lines and emails continue to be monitored by the respective persons whether in the office or at home. We therefore continue to provide our full range of services perhaps with some delays, but without interruption. All our meetings and presentations are done through the use of virtual meeting rooms.

Though some businesses may be flourishing as a result of this virus, or what I call this a ‘silent war’, far too many others are being negatively impacted and are suffering beyond account, and some may never recover.

To those of you that would like to discuss the impact of this silent war to your business, or to brainstorm what you could do to mitigate your losses, or take advantage of the available provincial and federal support programs, we encourage you to call us as we are here to help.

We may also call you to initiate such conversations especially with those of you that may be reluctant to reach out. Know that we would be delighted to help in any way we can. We do not hold a key to the answers or a crystal ball to the future, but we can offer support and share the knowledge and experience each of us has.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we are here primarily to listen, answer the questions we can, guide you to the known resources, and provide you with any assistance we can – even simple questions as to how this will impact the value of your business, the saleability of the business, or what you should do to prepare for when this is over.

We are taking this seriously. People are impacted by this all over, some people are losing work, and some are losing their lives.

We do need to remain rational and calm, however, it is important we all do our part to not become transmitters of the virus and practice physical distancing. Together, we will get through this and win over this silent war.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and be proactive and responsible.

Call us or email us anytime, we will continue to be here for you.

From all of us at Pacific M&A and Business Brokers,

Pino Bacinello